Hello Australia

Well I guess that it’s time to really gear up for this Prime Minister gig. Unlike that treacherous loser Latham I have no desire to keep a personal dirt file wrapped up as a diary, to be sold to the highest bidder after an abject failure, instead I want to share my own personal thoughts with you people out there in voterland one to one with this humble blog.

Unlike the Kevin07 stuff this will be a lot more personal, hell I haven’t even told Tim Gartrell that I’m writing it yet, he’ll probably throw an almighty hissy fit about it (he’s such a control freak). I’d like to share some reflections on the campaign, and also let you in on my thoughts about day to day stuff. This will be a tell all behind the scenes look at governing Australia unlike anything that has come before it.

I hope you enjoy it with me.


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