I do not like hacks.

Look, I’m all about transparency, accountability and the importance of the fourth estate, but I have to level with you, most journos struggle to find their way from the non-members bar to the gallery. Working the news cycle has become a stupid game that takes almost as much energy to manage as actual governance, the hacks are essentially lazy and won’t report something unless they think there’s a Walkley in it for them.

Which brings me back to Annabel Crabb. I’ve already dealt with her Hugh Jackman nonsense, but she’s at it again today devoting an entire article to my sideburns. When I saw the article it really infuriated me, I mean I’m trying to deliver on our first term agenda and all she can raise an interest in is frivolous nonsense. So I did the right thing and called Ron Walker. I hate to admit it but I lost my cool and started ranting at him, which is completely out of character for me, but he just stayed on the line laughing at me and talking about a free press and a whole bunch of other things that he and his Liberal Party mates don’t actually believe in.

After seeing how futile it was trying to deal with Fairfax I decided to take matters in house. ASIO will be taking a very close look at Ms Crabb over the next few days, and although I can’t say too much she may be facing a disciplinary hearing from the journos’ union the MEAA.

More as this develops.


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