Seven shades of stupid

This whole saga with Dr Mohamed Haneef has been pretty embarrassing, it was a series of cock ups from start to finish and to be perfectly honest we just want to put the whole thing out to pasture. The Federal Court had already ruled that revoking Dr Haneef’s visa wasn’t performed legally, which pretty much squared things up, and we asked the Solicitor General for some advice about how best to finish things off.

Unsurprisingly, the Solicitor General let us know in no uncertain terms that we should get away from this whole sorry mess ASAP, so Chris Evans drafted a press release saying we wouldn’t appeal the Federal Court’s decision, sent it to the hacks and figures the whole sorry episode was closed.

How wrong were we? It seems that the clueless wonders who now find themselves in opposition can’t even realise when we’re doing them a favour. To tell you the truth, John Faulkner wanted to hold a public inquiry into the whole Haneef issue so we could parade that twerp Kevin Andrews around a few times and remind people that the Liberals still have him on their much heralded team, even if he is currently warming the bench. I overruled John on this one, as much as I’d like to see the Liberals held accountable for this, dragging it out only hurts our international reputation. So we did the right thing, let it die a natural death, and what did the Libs do? They demanded that we release the Solicitor General’s advice, whipping the whole thing up again.

Firstly, no-one ever shares legal opinions that have been given to them, you might as well ask Brad Pitt if you can share his wife. Secondly, what the hell do they expect the legal advise will say? Do they genuinely believe that we would act against the advice of the Solicitor General while claiming that we’re doing what he suggested? That may have been how they ran the country, but it’s not the way it’s being done now.

Hopefully some hacks will lodge an FOI application for the briefing paper so we can let everyone see how stupid the Solicitor General thinks Kevin Andrews is without it looking like we’re doing a hit job on him. In the mean time, how about we all try to get India back on side?


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