They’re gone OK. Happy now?

The much commented upon sideburns are completely gone, if I have any more hair cut off I’ll be looking like Peter Garrett. In the mean time a whole raft of important announcements have been buried, well done Australian media, you’re really on the way to emulating Fox News when it comes to journalistic integrity.

Now onto something important. I wanted to share this with you yesterday afternoon, because it is so amazingly cool, unfortunately I had to fit a trip to a barber into my schedule. Anyway, a little while after getting off the phone from the MEAA and Bradley, my ASIO contact, regarding the Crabb situation I received a call on the secure line and Bradley requested an appointment. To be honest I was pretty annoyed with Bradley as there was no way that he could have obtained the detailed information that I’d requested in half an hour, but I agreed to see him.

I was stewing while I waited for Bradley to arrive, expecting that he would be coming over to give some lame excuse about why it was inappropriate  for me to be asking ASIO to check up on people that I didn’t like. Instead, when Bradley arrived he was accompanied by three trolleys carrying file boxes which carried copies of the records of every journalist in Australia. There were even files on some of the high profile blogs and regular talk-back callers, really comprehensive stuff an absolute gold mine.

Have you ever wondered why not a single journo in Australia used to be willing to ask a hard question of John Howard? I know we in the ALP bloody well did, well here’s the answer. It seems that after a disastrous first term, where Howard was relentlessly pursued by the media, he set up a secret unit in ASIO reporting solely to him, which tracked journos private lives. After just a cursory look through the files there’s a pretty obvious pattern emerging, the more embarrassing or unsavoury someone’s private life the more sycophantic they used to be to Howard, think Ackerman, Alan Jones, Bolt. I don’t want to share the detail on the blog because a lot of it is really depraved, but we might see an improvement in coverage of the ALP pretty soon, I’ll leave it at that.


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