Saying Sorry

Well friends, once again my government is delivering on its promises. You’ve no doubt heard that I’ve set the date to say sorry to the Stolen Generation, an important event on the road to bringing us all together as a nation. You have no doubt also heard that Boy Wonder, Brendan Nelson, has demanded that he be provided the full text of the apology before deciding whether or not he supports it, I think that he’s still struggling to understand that he’s not a part of the government any more.

Let me lay it out for you Brendan, the ‘Bringing them home’ report was presented to the government that you were a part of in 1997, you had ten years to draft and deliver an apology to the Stolen Generation and you failed. This issue is no longer about you, your party or your redneck supporters, it’s now about doing the right thing.

I’ve got John Faulkner drafting a ‘special’ version of the apology to send to Brendan’s Office which will basically lay blame at the feet of the Liberal Party, as they were the party in government at the time, and opening the way for all affected people to sue the Liberal party for damages, that should give Brendan something to whine about while we get on with the business of fixing all the things they broke over the last eleven and a half years.


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