It’s time to go…. Brendan

Wow. Seven per cent huh? Another record low. Who’d have thought?

Friends, I’d like to thank you for your continued support as my government goes about delivering on our first term agenda. I’d also like to apologise for taking a brief hiatus from sharing my thoughts with you, there’s been a bit of consternation in my office and in the party about whether I should be openly speaking to you, Tim Gartrell has been hitting the roof, but they have come to realise while I’m getting a 73% in the preferred PM stakes and a 69% satisfaction rating I can do pretty much anything that I want.

So back to poor old Brenda. I honestly didn’t think that he could drop much more support after that disastrous nine per cent result a few weeks back, but he continues to set new records. The only thing that would be better than this result would be seeing what Tony Abbott would have achieved by now.

Update: I love the web, take a look at what the wonderful Possum Comitatus has to say about today’s polls. Also, I love the nickname ‘The Nightwatchman’ for Dr Nelson, you can all start looking for it in Hansard in the next few weeks.


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