Computer Games

The best thing about being PM is getting the chance to implement things that you believe are important. The second best thing about being PM is being able to torment the opposition while you do it.

You may have seen reports that we’re not releasing the names of schools who are eligible for the first roll out of new computers and the opposition are squealing about it like a two year old throwing a tantrum. Friends, there’s a very simple reason for doing this, if we produced a list you can bet the first thing that would happen is that the opposition would run around screaming about the number of machines going into ALP electorates, completely overlooking the fact that these schools have been neglected for the past decade.

The other reason that Liberals are complaining about the lack of a list is that it might just force them to actually get in contact with schools in their electorate. Imagine the horror that the staffers in Coalition offices must be feeling at the prospect of having to speak to people in public schools, the last time most of them would have done that would have been after debate club when they were sixteen.

I’m proud to say that once again we’re delivering on our first term agenda. The fact that it’s so simple to upset the monkey’s members on the other side of the chamber while doing so is just a bonus.


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