Friends, I’m sure that by now you have heard about the appalling behaviour of the Opposition during question time and in the house in general today. I am still shocked that the hypocrites across the chamber had the temerity to try to censure me over a social justice issue. I’m not sure how many times I need to repeat myself, but no pensioners or carers will be worse off.

This whole sideshow is a pathetic attempt at a wedge and it’s becoming less and less surprising that Costello had no interest in leading this rabble. The Opposition’s tiresome fixation with lump sum payments is a hangover of their tax and bribe regime while in government. Let’s take a look at how effective that policy direction has been, there’s the Plasma TV for new Mums Baby Bonus, the residential real estate price hike First Home Buyers grant, and let’s not forget the Gerry Harvey Endowment fund Family Tax Benefit Part B. What a list of public policy successes that lot is.

Chris Bowen summed the whole situation up perfectly when he said

“Being lectured by this mob about vulnerable people is like being lectured by Paris Hilton on public modesty.”

I hate to brag, but I wrote that line for him and I’m still getting a laugh out of it now.

Brendan, you gave up any pretence of giving a damn about people in need the day you signed up with the Liberal Party and their ideology of division, intolerance and greed. Leadership isn’t about opening your mouth whenever there’s a microphone about, I hope that you learn that before you hand the leadership baton on. In the mean time, how about you just shut up for a while and let someone with some principles get on with helping the people that your party ignored for over a decade.


One response to “Censure.

  1. Kevin,

    It’s not just the social injustice. All of the measures that you mentioned that the Coalition visited upon our land, coincidentally in election years, all contributed to the cynicism that people have for politics – and a major part of the inflation problems that the Rodent left in his nest. In the spare time you have on Fridays you should write the official ‘Howard Years’ biography before the opposition and the journos provide their rose coloured version.

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