I do not like bloggers

The campaign last year was great for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that it delivered me to a position where I could lead the nation to a brighter and more prosperous future, but another was the increased participation in the democratic process that was assisted by the development of the Australian political blogs. Sites like Larvatus Prodeo, The Poll Bludger and Possum’s Pollytics were a great asset in dismantling a lot of the nonsense being peddled by the Liberals and the former government’s mouth piece The Australian, but these people simply will not be satisfied.

Today my PA Amanda sent me a whole bunch of links which really ticked me off. I think it’s fair to say that I have a pretty thick skin and take criticism well, in fact I’d like to think that I’m known for my even temperament, but these blog posts really annoyed me. It wasn’t the sort of wingnut crazy stuff that comes from the culture war losers like Ackerman, Bolt and Blair, it was people who I thought understood the importance of delivering on our first term agenda.

Ill informed nonsense like this, this and this really hits you where it hurts. It hasn’t been four months since the election and these keyboard warriors want me to fix all the problems that have been left after eleven and a half years of Howard the road-block. Do you people really think that I’m in the business of screwing over old people and those who help the disabled? I understand that living under the Howard regime may have messed with your sense of reality, but please give me some credit.

By the way, when was the last time that any of you helped out at a homeless shelter? Not lately? You’re busier than the Prime Minister of Australia are you?

Friends, I’m here to help. There is already an entire industry built around spreading misinformation, fear and uncertainty about me and the government that I lead, it’s called News Corporation, I’d appreciate it if you could try to stay on message. Just drop my Chief of Staff, David Epstein, an email and he’ll make sure that you receive the daily policy message ok? Thanks.

Let’s try to stay friendly and professional.


One response to “I do not like bloggers

  1. Now listen here, Kevin. Overall I’m quite a fan, and I’m always ready to give you big ups when you deserve them. But just like I mercilessly kicked the shit out of the Howard government because they continuously deserved it, I will point out when you’re being a tool if required.

    Looking forward to more diary entries.

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