Malcolm Turnbull is a prat

I realise that there are some people of a progressive bent who believe that Malcolm Turnbull will make a good opposition leader because he’s not as extreme as the bulk of the Liberal Party and will soften the party somewhat, I’m sorry to be so blunt friends, but you are deluding yourselves. Malcolm “Goldman Sachs” Turnbull is a first class prat, whose only interests in life are directly related to his own wealth and power. Malcolm doesn’t care who or what he has to trample to achieve his aims and believes that his wealth somehow is a measure of his good judgement, rather than his family connections and the early patronage of Kerry Packer.

Today St. Malcolm decided to weigh in on the Fair Pay Commission, a second rate replacement for the Industrial Relations Commission that the Howard Government designed to help their attack on working families. Malcolm Turnbull knows as much about low paid workers as Britney Spears does about Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, so in true Liberal Party style he decided to spread his ignorance as far and wide as possible. Malcolm this morning accused us of ignoring Treasury’s advice regarding the upcoming wage case and then carried on demanding that we release the Treasury papers to prove that we’re not making things up. This is despite Ken Henry backing our version of events to the hilt.

I’ll spell it out for you again guys, things have changed. You’re no longer in charge. You don’t get to bully the public service any more. We listen to the experts in the public service, just like we said we would, because we don’t carry around the god complexes that you lot have. You had eleven and a half years to make changes to the country and it’s taken you six months to repudiate almost all of them, that makes you a pack of spineless, mindless speedhumps. We can’t fix all of your mistakes in six months, that’s why we’re probably going to be in power for at least three terms. Now please go and spend your time fighting over the Night Watchman’s chair, trying to merge with the Nationals and talking to your broker while we get on with running the country.


One response to “Malcolm Turnbull is a prat

  1. “Progressive bent”. Another euphemism for a left winger who weaves baskets and sucks Chardonnay by the bucketful…….

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