Petrol is expensive.

All of this petrol talk is really starting to bore me. I’m busy trying to implement our enormously popular first term agenda and all anyone wants to talk about is petrol. Are you ready for the truth Australia? Are you sure? OK, here it is. Petrol is scarce, it’s running out at exactly the same time as the demand for it is going through the roof, that means that it’s going to keep getting more and more expensive.

So should we give a tax cut or an excise cut to help everyone? Of course not! Why the hell do you want me to encourage you to use more petrol? It’s time to take some personal responsibility Australia. Get rid of your oversized and unnecessary four wheel drives and six cylinder cars, drive economically or even, shock horror, walk or ride a bike.

Oh and about that leak this morning, I did that. I know Fuelwatch is a stupid idea and I want you to know it too. It’s not as stupid and as economically reckless as the Liberals excise cut though, don’t forget that.


5 responses to “Petrol is expensive.

  1. Actually the world’s petrol reserves have never been higher. There is a greater known remaining quantity of petrol than at any time in history, primarily because so many new oil wells have been discovered in the last decade. It is demand that’s driving cost, not supply.

  2. petrol is running out? why weren’t we told this back in the 1970’s?
    OK, OK, don’t panic, we’ve been working on some alternative energy sources right? renewable energy sources?
    I mean that’d HAVE to be a priority for responsible governments since the oil crisis was first realised.
    OH MY GOD we’re sunk!!!

  3. Todd is right, it is basic economics that drives petrol prices but the government still has an obligation to make sure that the players in the game are not taking that little extra advantage. Economics only works when there is a fair market.

  4. Here’s an idea from one of the plebs:

    Instead of watching petrol prices go up, or cutting 5c a litre to save us a $1.50 a week, the government encourages car makers to build electric cars? DUH….

  5. Wow…a forum to chat to Kevin in person…great you think we might be able to dispense with the addiction to foreign oil and start thinking about our own destiny…vision for the future…managing our own natural gas reserves would be a great start…selling everything may not be wise simply…dont it always seem to go you dont know what you’ve got till its gone…if we agree to be the powerhouse of China and North America we will certainly see more chinese land fill in Australia but we might be needing their discarded bicycles because we wont have much left to run cars on…guess you and Tang have discussed this already Kev but dont forget your aussie mates yeah!!

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