I love being me.

The censure motion is one of the most useless pieces of political theatre available to impotent oppositions. They know that the motion will never get up because the vote always goes on party lines, but they persist in rolling them out to give themselves the opportunity to grandstand in front of the Press Gallery. The Gallery always lap it up because most of them lack even the most basic understanding of Parliamentary procedure and think that a censure motion is a big deal. Well, today it was.

The pitiful ‘Leader’ of the opposition moved a censure motion and got ready to start droning on about petrol prices, grocery prices and interest rates in his usual fashion when I turned the tables on him. I used my numbers in the House to amend the motion, calling on him to be censured instead of me, and then we passed it. I think I saw Brendan tear up a little when he realised that he’d provided us with yet another opportunity to humiliate him. I don’t think he’ll be wasting our time with any more censure motions in the near future.

I knew that being PM was going to have some nice perks, but it’s the delight at finding new ways to exercise my power that’s the real thrill.


2 responses to “I love being me.

  1. And good on you too. Censure motions are severely abused and are a way of obtaining cheap column inches. Hopefully your bait & switch will see an end to these silly stunts. Along the same lines, I assume that you read Annabel Crabb’s article today; the behaviour of the house in general had nothing to do with the fact that Howard was the PM, it was to do with the fact that he kept his lackeys in order. Since he has left, the Coalition has been acting like a bunch of school kids without a teacher – particularly Hockey with his inability to make a point without a prop (drink bottles, card board cut outs etc). Even Costello must cringe at what the opposition thinks passes for debate. Surely they must have learnt from Debnam that you can’t win government solely on whinging and cheap shots.

  2. i love being me? omg……..ego maniac.

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