More leaks.

I did not authorise the release of these documents and when I find out who leaked them I intend to personally show that individual why the public service in Queensland used to call me Dr. Death. I have a feeling that there are some former Government appointees, who we mercifully allowed to retain their jobs, who haven’t adjusted to the new reality of working for us instead of the Liberals. It’ll be interesting to see how they adjust to the new reality of unemployment shortly.

I am so annoyed with this. Hopefully Jeeves remembers to harvest some fresh chamomile this afternoon so that I can have a herbal tea to calm me down.


2 responses to “More leaks.

  1. Your burgundy, mole skin smoking jacket shall be at the ready, Sir, but instead of the Camomile might I suggest that the Master sample some of the ‘anodyne’ that the Master’s Minister for Immigration found left ‘at the door’?

  2. Jeeves, I don’t think I need remind you of the results of everyone consuming the contents of the last package Senator Evans ‘found’. I realise that there’s no question time tomorrow, but we are all quite busy, chamomile will be quite sufficient.

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