Oh and by the way Dennis

If the Honeymoon is over, again, then let me be the first one to say that I’ll happily take these poll numbers to the next election. How about you go and ask Brendan the same question?


4 responses to “Oh and by the way Dennis

  1. It really is a concern when after one relatively poor week, people start thinking that Brendan is a viable alternative. You should organise a referendum on whether political terms should be extended to 10 years and disguise it with offering a 10 cent reduction in petrol. You could call the campaign the 10/10 Referendum. A bit of awful economics would be loved by the many, whilst you could then save Australia from a life with Brendan where teenage binge drinking girls will drunkenly slur the words to the national anthem as the they gather around the flag pole in every front yard across Australia which have been installed by the working class owners as a prerequisite to receiving healthcare, whilst across the road the couple, on $300,000 a year, whom have entered into a union between a man and a women for life to the exclusion of all others sit in their lounge room watching ‘fags’ and ‘ragheads’ being further excluded from society on the plasma (absent of the ABC) that the reinstated baby-bonus bought them.

  2. Kevin,

    A bit off topic. I hear that you have subjected yourself to dinner with four strangers for charity: http://www.smh.com.au/news/annabel-crabb/win-a-date-with-kevin-rudd/2008/06/04/1212258906225.html

    Given a choice, which four people would you like to sit down to dinner with (dead or alive)? Can I suggest a private 20/20 summit with Keating, Beazley, Turnbull and Whitlam?

  3. Hi Lee,

    An interesting group that you have suggested there. I think that in reality the chances of getting Paul, Kim and Gough in the same room for anything other than an election launch are quite slim.

    As for Malcolm, my biggest concern about inviting him to dinner is that not even my personal security detail would be able to remove him from The Lodge once he got through the front door. The man has a seriously frightening messiah complex.

    I guess I’d start with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whom I greatly admire, Cate Blanchett, because I think she really enjoys my company, Bill Clinton, for his insights on leadership and Andrew Bolt, so we’d all have someone to ridicule.

  4. Wonderful old chaps. Enjoy the party while you can. Labor within a short space of time is on the nose in just about every state of Australia. Ho hum, let’s move onto the real battle in a few years time though. Kevin might even be in the country for that one, that is if Cate isn’t having anymore children or Bono isn’t hugging the big tree out of the front of the UN……

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