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I love Sushi

Spending time in Japan is amazing. I love the fact that this country which runs at such a hectic pace simultaneously seems to embrace calm. The food is great, you really haven’t tried sushi until you’ve had it in Tokyo, and Therese and I are hoping to get to Iron Chef Sakai’s restaurant before we leave, Prime Minister Fukuda personally recommended it to me.

I won’t pretend that events at home aren’t a little disturbing, although to be honest it’s amazing that Belinda Neal took over seven months to have her first public tantrum, I know I’m not the only person in cabinet who’s lost a bit of cash over that. I’m rather glad that I didn’t have to deal with this at home though, Belinda and John scare the hell out of me, they give off a kind of ‘lock you in the basement and eat you’ vibe at the best of times.

The half-wit hacks made a big deal over the fact that I spent twenty minutes on the phone to Belinda, but I only actually had the chance to tell her to get some counselling after listening to her rant incoherently for nineteen and three quarter minutes. I actually had to call the security staff from Parliament House on Therese’s mobile and wait for them to calm her down, these guys are trained to take out terrorist threats and even they’re afraid of this crazy woman. What do they put in the water on the Central Coast?

I always enjoy travel, but it’s doubly nice when you can talk a bit of smack to cheeky hacks and at the same time punch a hole in the lame arguments of the Opposition. The excellent miso soup is just a bonus.