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Lies and short memories

In news that will surprise no-one, it turns out that the Coalition while in government completely dismissed the type of reforms that they are now championing as an excuse to hold up our legislation which will improve the rights of same sex couples. I think that any fair minded person can see that same sex couples should have exactly the same rights as heterosexual de-facto couples, which is what this piece of legislation will achieve. But the retrogrades in the Liberal and National Parties simply won’t accept that it’s not OK to discriminate against gay people as a way of winning the support of bigots.

I believe that it’s time for Australians to loudly reject the bigoted, narrow minded, prejudice that the conservative forces in this nation use as their bread and butter and demand that we work towards a more egalitarian nation where fairness and respect are the guiding principles we live by. I think that we’ve taken the first step in that process by electing my government, but we need to do more by letting the opposition know that discrimination is just plain wrong, it is not a reasonable area of ‘policy differentiation’. Australia deserves better than the clowns that John Howard has left behind, moulded in his bitter image.